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Learn Philippi's Unique Stories

The Blue and Gray Reunion

June 3, 1861 was the Philippi Races, this battle kicking off the Civil War. Every year we commemorate that battle with the Blue and Gray Reunion, the first weekend in June. The first reunion was hosted in 1911 and later became a yearly tradition. Come on down for the Blue and Gray to see the reenactment and get in on the fun by attending the ball. There are also plenty of interactive and educational events to learn more about the time period. Let’s not forget there are also plenty of fun foods for you to try! Check out the calendar to see events for this year’s Blue and Gray. Please check out their website!


The Covered Bridge 

The Philippi Covered Bridge has a rather famous origin story. In 1850, there was a call for bridge designs with plans to build two bridges, one in Fairmont, WV and one in Philippi. Lemuel Chenoweth was a cabinet-maker and bridge-builder whose bridge design was first overlooked. Still this unassuming wooden model proved to be structurally strong when Chenoweth placed his model between two chairs and stood atop it. The Covered Bridge was constructed in 1852 using yellow popular trees. In 1989, the bridge caught fire and the damage was so extensive there was talk of tearing down the bridge, but the community and friends rallied to save this historic bridge. $1.4 million was raised to restore the structure to its original appearance. Local carpenters were brought in and learned techniques that would have been used in the original bridge. Today, Philippi’s Covered Bridge is the only dual-barreled covered bridge part of the federal highway system.

Barbour County Historical Museum

Housed in a former B&O railway station, the museum has collected objects related to local history. The Main Room contains exhibits about Philippi Races and Philippi's own Ted Cassidy. Another room covers Philippi's long relationship with farming and mining. One exhibit covers the Myers family story; this prominent family of doctors has impacted the history of this town. The Museum is also home to the infamous Hamrick Mummies. Come and learn their stories and so many others. 

Check out the Barbour County Historical Museum's website here.

Barbour County Historical Museum
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Philippi Public Library 

Housed in Philippi's former post office, the Philippi Public Library serves the community and visitors alike. The library is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in genealogy research or local history. They also host many fun events for young and old. Check out the library's website here.

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